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Success Stories

Allan, Nava & Glander is a law firm that knows how to fight for their clients.  The lawyers at Allan, Nava & Glander have the knowledge, resources and mental toughness to get in the arena and not back down.  Bottom line, they know what it takes to win.  Most of their trial lawyers represented big insurance companies before representing the people of Texas against their insurance company.

It is true that many cases settle.  However, a case should only settle if it makes sense to the client and puts the client where they need to be.  If the other side knows you and your lawyers are willing to fight until the end the right settlement can be  reached.  If not, a client needs a law firm that can and will try a case to a jury and knows their way around a courtroom.   Allan, Nava & Glander never goes into a case looking to settle.   Allan, Nava & Glander works the case up so it can be tried if needed.

In 2015, Allan, Nava & Glander beat an insurance giant,  State Farm.  In each case, the jury found that State Farm breached its insurance policy and committed bad faith against its customer. 

The lawyers at Allan, Nava & Glander are willing to fight for you too.